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The Main Product: Human Placental Alkaline Phosphatase

Human Placenta
Purified PLAP can be obtained from the human placenta, however, the yield is too low. Instead, the recombinant form, expressed in and purified from tobacco leaves, will be used for the planned human clinical trials, and later in the clinical practice. Besides being non-toxic, its thermal stability and long half-life time in the circulation (7-10 days) makes it an excellent candidate for clinical use.

In various animal models, multiple mechanisms mediate the positive effects of PLAP on the maintenance of skeletal muscle proteins including promotion of survival and proliferation of muscle cells through IGF-1 mediated mechanisms as well as reduction of loss of body weight and insulin resistance. Protection of bone marrow function against the toxic effects of cancer therapies is due to the positive effects of PLAP on stem cells. The metabolic effects of PLAP (reduced insulin resistance, hyperinsulinemia, diabetes and weight gain) are primarily due to normalization of the size and function of fat tissue.

All this work has resulted in 13 issued US and international patents.