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PLAP for Treating Dyslipidemia

Several major trials (listed in the Table below) have established without doubt that in patients with high triglyceride (TG) levels, statins less effectively reduce the risk of cardiovascular (CV) disease. The solution is to use a combination treatment composed of statin, to lower LDL-cholesterol, and another drug to efficiently reduce triglyceride.

Zoltan Laboratories has discovered that combined treatment of obese type 2 diabetic mice with statin and PLAP results in simultaneous normalization of serum levels of LDL-cholesterol, triglyceride, and free fatty acids, while statin alone has a major effect only on LDL-cholesterol. The future developer of this project for clinical use is expected to demonstrate that the statin-PLAP composition will further reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, preclinical trials indicate that PLAP will prevent major side effects of statins such as reduction of muscle proteins and increase of blood glucose level.