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The proposed human trials are based on the results described in seven issued US/international patents and two pending international patent applications.

Candidate & Indication
Developmental Stage
Phase 1
Phase 2
I. Recombinant PLAP for cachectic cancer patients to: (1) enhance cancer treatments, (2) reduce muscle wasting, (3) reduce loss of body weight, and (4) increase patient survival rate
After Phase 1 or Phase 2 trial
II. Recombinant PLAP for cancer patients to reduce bone marrow toxicity of cancer treatments by: (1) greatly reducing loss of platelets and red and white blood cells, and (2) protecting bone marrow stem cells, the precursors of blood cells
After Phase 1 or Phase 2 trial

Note: The two projects may be combined into one Phase 1 trial primarily dealing with toxicity.