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Candidate & Indication
Developmental Stage
Phase 1
Phase 2
1a. PLAP; injection formulation to enhance cancer treatments by reducing muscle wasting and loss of body weight as well as promoting bone marrow regeneration from endogenous stem cells
Exit after Phase 1 or Phase 2
1b. PLAP; injection formulation to enhance regeneration of bone marrow from transplanted stem cells
Exit after Phase 1 or Phase 2
2. PLAP; oral formulation to treat metabolic syndrome and muscle wasting in obese/type 2 diabetic elderly patients
Exit after Phase 1
3. PLAP; skin formulation to promote diabetic wound healing
Develop fully
4. PLAP; skin formulation to treat inflammatory/infectious skin conditions (acne, shingles, herpes, psoriasis)
human proof of principle studies have already been done in all cases
Continue studies
5. A mall compound and PLAP; injection formulations to reduce necrotic pancreatitis and ensuing type 3c diabetes
Continue studies