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A Novel Concept for the Treatment of Cancer Cachexia

About 30% of all cancer deaths are directly due to excessive loss of muscle and body weight, called cancer cachexia. A cachectic cancer patient cannot tolerate the required treatment leading to early death. Cachexia starts early, and today’s clinical practice cannot deal with it.

In contrast to the prevailing view, our science strongly supports the view that to avoid or lessen cancer cachexia, treatment of patients with PLAP must start right after tumor detection along with the primary cancer treatment(s).

Treatment of cancer cachexia is a two-step process. First, a simple blood test, recognized by Zoltan Laboratories to have predictive value, is used to determine which cancer patients are most likely to develop cachexia. These patients then will receive weekly PLAP treatments via a systemic administration route along with the prescribed anticancer drug(s) and/or radiation.

For this and other applications (bone marrow protection, treatment of dyslipidemia) including clinical use, recombinant plant derived PLAP with 7 days of half-life time in the circulation will be provided by a collaborating Minnesota company.